brachesYou may have heard of chat software and you started to think. You may be thinking that you do not need another monthly payable for your business. You may be thinking that chat software would not create any majorimpact on your sales andprofits. Well, here is something you need to do – think again.

Chat software is a necessity, not a luxury for your business. Take the time to weigh the positive things that this type of customer service can do for your business.It could mean the difference between the success and failure of your business.

Here are three major reasons why you need to install chat software in your business, now.

  1. Business is always about costumers. The primary focus of your business is people. Your profits would come from them. Your salary is taken from the pockets of these loyal clients. The very business itself is created to meet the needs of these people. Therefore, let your customers choose what they prefer when they need customer assistance. According to statistics, 73% of customers prefer live chat support. Why? Here are several reasons:
    1. There is lesser problem in communication. Unlike in an actual phone conversation where communication barriers could occur such as difficult slang, background noises, andpoor connection causing blurred or distorted speech, to name just a few, with live chat support, these problems are eliminated.
    2. The client feels in control over communication. He can choose not to reply to a pop up box or he can initiate a dialogue if he needs to.
    3. The client can multi task while using live chat. He can talk to a friend in the phone or check his social media account. This is something that one cannot do when he is on the phone.
    4. The issue is usually settled faster compared to phone and email support systems.

Always remember the old adage “ the customer is always right”. If the customer thinks that live chat is more helpful for him, then he is right. Costumer satisfaction is the main thing.

  1. A satisfied client is equivalent to potential increase in sales and profits. According to recent surveys, cart abandonment has lessened up to 30% when live chat support was used. Also, there is 20% increase in conversion. What is conversion? This is when the client did not just browse but actually buys something from you. The increase in conversion rate could be attributed to the removal of hesitation on the client’s part before a purchase brought about by the timely engagement of a live chat agent. Researches also reported that most satisfied clients return to the websites where they had positive shopping experiences and buy from them than from other website. So if you want to have higher revenue, install a chat software.
  2. conectedYou want to cut down costs. Yes, this is right. Chat support can actually lower (and not increase) your monthly expenses. How? First, you would not need to hire additional manpower. You could utilize all your employees and maybe make a schedule of two hours per day to man the chat support. Second, due to the success of most chat dialogues, the bill for support costs like call center service is also minimized. One could even altogether scratch thatsupport service. Thus, monthly expenditure is decreased. Third, since chats are documented and saved, there are lesser legal complaints. The client would think twice before escalating the problem or concern to higher authorities. Therefore, you do not only save money, you also save valuable time.

For your sake and that of the clients, most especially, invest in chat software now and see the difference in your business.