Burial and funeral service expenses can be costly, especially if you don’t know how to find the right company that can give you affordable options. But the ultimate solution that families and aging seniors choose to cope with this problem is to invest money in burial plans. This effectively reduces costs since you will be purchasing the plan in advance. So when the time comes, your family will not have much problem in holding a memorial service for you because everything is ready.

Making arrangements through funeral trusts, pre-planning, and even estate planning supports the family during tough situations like losing a loved one. Experts encourage families to always save for any unforeseen expenses. This is why investing in a life plan is one of the best solutions one can make for their future. So it’s better to plan ahead than be worried about a lot of expenses while grieving for a departed loved one.

Funeral services

Dealing with Loss and Costs

A common concern faced by families is finding an affordable memorial service provider. In addition to that, some are also worried where to get the funds for the other expenses included in the burial. Funeral costs actually tend to increase due to not having enough time to shop around and finding the most affordable provider in the area.

In most cases, families choose to hire the same provider their relatives or friends have worked with before. Time constraints simply force them to neglect some important considerations like the affordability and quality of the service. On the other hand, families of veterans usually assume that all costs for the memorial service will be shouldered by the “Department of Veterans Affairs”. It’s important to note that if you have a veteran family member, there are benefits and allowances for the burial, but not all costs will be covered.

Figures to Consider

Based on the statistics released by the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”, approximately 6,700 individuals die every day in the United States. Although memorial service expenses amount to millions of dollars, the national standard cost in the US for traditional burial (including metal casket and embalming) was 6,000 dollars in 2013. But the following year, costs have significantly increased (reaching 7,181 dollars) based on the statistics provided by the National Funeral Directors Association. And today, the standard cost has reached the 10,000-dollar mark.


Common Types of Memorial Services Offered Today

Traditional memorial service – usually, this service includes cemetery plot, memorial site, viewings, formal dress, embalming, rental of interment home, and casket cost. Among the types, this is actually the most costly service to use with available add-ons.

Direct burial – it’s called the plain version of traditional service. Without embalming and viewing, the body is directly buried. However, the family can still request for an interment ceremony at the cemetery if they want to have one held.

Cremation – without embalming, the corpse is cremated while the remains or ashes are provided to the family if they desire to keep it. Costs can be more expensive if add-ons or other services are chosen to be added.

Important Factors to Consider regarding Service Fees

When it comes to basic service, costs may vary depending on the provider you choose. The fees usually cover coordinating arrangements, third parties, permit preparation and filing, consultations, and overhead expenses such as insurance, professional licenses, accounting, legal, and maintenance. Based on the National Funeral Directors Association, the standard cost for such things is currently at 2,000 dollars.

And in terms of the casket cost, the exact amount actually depends on the style and materials used such as fine wood or metal. Today’s market offers plenty of casket options to choose from so you are sure to find the exact design you want. However, the standard cost of caskets nowadays is at 2,200 dollars. As for burial vaults, these are the grave liner that most cemeteries today require as it is used as the outer container of the casket. The average vault costs approximately 1,300 dollars.

There are more factors to consider if you really want to know the exact amount you need to pay for the entire memorial service. They include body removal, embalming, dressing, hair/makeup, burial clothing, refrigeration or storage, viewing, interment ceremony staff, printed programs, guest register, flowers, celebrant fees, hearse coach, musicians, other vehicles, grave plot, opening and closing of the grave, death certificate, and a lot more.

With all those in mind, one thing should be clear to you – it’s definitely best to be prepared for death, given its cost.

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