TaylorMade golf is a famous brand in the world of golf, backed by the famous sporting brand, Adidas. The company’s first product was an innovative driver made of metal; and as the years pass, it never tires in perfecting the art of the driver.

But what are drivers, anyway?

Drivers, based on their names, are golf clubs that are used to hit the golf ball and drive them in great distances towards the hole. They are also called woods, since those clubs were once made of wood until TaylorMade golf changed the game with their metal drivers. Once the role of the driver is fulfilled, it is then up to the wedges and irons for the ball to move closer to the goal despite challenges such as elevated courses and tricky shots. Finally, the putter is used to put the ball into the hole with a tap. The objective of golf is for the ball to go to the hole in the fewest shots possible, with each course having a par that dictates the required number of shots for the ball to get to the hole. Going under par is good; going over par is bad.

Because the first shot usually determines a player’s fate in landing a certain hole, TaylorMade golf makes sure that its drivers fit every player and propel the players to victory with each opening shot. Today, one of its headlining drivers is the SLDR Driver, which promises greater shot distances.

Taylormade golfOne principle of physics, which is the projectile and the trajectory, needs to be understood in order to comprehend the promise the SLDR Driver will bring. The projectile is the object being thrown. In this case, the ball is the projectile. The trajectory is the path of the object being thrown. In this case, the trajectory is the path in the air where the ball flies before landing. There are several factors to enhance the trajectory of the ball – in other words, lengthen the distance of the path the ball takes. First, there needs to be greater force coming from the driver hitting the ball and the tee. This guarantees greater resistance to gravity when the ball flies. And as a consequence, greater force brings greater speed. Second, the angle in which the driver hits the ball and the tee must be always kept in mind. If the ball is hit from a high angle, the maximum height of the trajectory will be high, but the distance covered will be short. If the ball is hit from a low angle, the maximum height of the trajectory will be low, but the distance covered will be a bit longer than a high-angle shot since gravity will preemptively land the ball. Therefore, the best angle for long-distance shots is along the lines of 45 degrees.

The SLDR Driver has its center of gravity located low and forward. By lowering the center of gravity, the ball’s speed is enhanced by combining the force of the golfer and the driver’s latent gravity. With a high center of gravity, the ball will spin, which eats up the force needed to fly greater distances.

Another feature of the SLDR Driver is its movable weight, which allows you to change the center of gravity for more accurate long distances. This is useful especially in situations where the hole is surrounded by traps such as sand pits.

Loft is another important factor in achieving greater distances, and it is related to the concept of angles. The SLDR Driver has an adjustable loft, which when combined with the movable weight, will prevent the golfer from overshooting or undershooting the hole.

TaylorMade golf’s calling card is innovation and with the SLDR Driver, one can achieve that elusive hole-in-one.

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Taylormade golf is a manufacturer of golf ball, golf clubs, bags and accessories, this company always try to create the new design of the equipment for golfers.