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Inviting a Keynote Speaker

The most important task in setting up a lecture or conference event is inviting a keynote speaker. Keynote speakers are those who conduct the most important talk for the event. These keynote speakers give out lectures which particularly emphasize the event’s theme and they usually give inspiration to event-goers.

SpeakerHaving established the crucial role keynote speakers play, it is then important to remember that choosing and inviting a particular speaker is very significant in the success of the event. If you are tasked to select a keynote speaker for a conference, there are some things that you must put on your checklist. To help you in this task, here are the four most significant things that you should consider when hiring keynote speakers:

1.Your Speaker’s Field of Expertise

Every lecture or event has an underlying theme. Some events aim to promote or launch products, while there are some which serve to educate, motivate or inspire other people. There are many reasons why people conduct events, thus it is important that you choose a keynote speaker which is befitting for your event. For instance, inviting someone from the sales department is not actually appropriate for an event which aims to lecture on leadership or management. Thus, it is advised that you choose someone whose field of expertise is appropriate for your event’s theme.

Also, it is not enough that you choose someone who comes from a particular field but you must also consider if he has already experienced conducting lectures before. Not all people are comfortable with speaking in front of many, so make sure that your potential speaker is someone who does not have any problem with speaking engagements.

2.Your Speaker’s Schedule

Once you have selected your keynote speaker, it is a must that you check his availability. If you have chosen someone who is very well-known, there is a chance that his schedule might be too hectic; it may be impractical for him to grace your venue when he has a prior lecture in a distant area.

When you invite someone to be your speaker, you should have finalized the details of the event such as the time, venue, and the number of attendees. Deciding upon those important details is important because it helps you determine if your chosen speaker can commit, or if his schedule will permit him to attend your event.

3.Your Speaker’s Fee

Inviting a keynote speaker will always come with a price. Be it known that some speakers require high fees for a single speaking event, especially if that particular speaker is famous and in demand or if he is a notable person in his profession. If you are hoping to invite someone very prominent, it is a must that you be prepared to pay relatively bigger fees. However, this is not an absolute occurrence as there are still some famous people who conduct lectures for a minimal fee or even for free.

4.Your Speaker’s Token of Appreciation

Just because you are paying your speaker his fee does not mean that you should not give him any token of appreciation after he conducts his lecture. Organizers are expected to hand a token, whether simple or grand, to show their gratitude to the speaker for gracing the event and for taking his time to conduct a lecture. The most common token that people give after a conference is a plaque. Nonetheless, you can always give something different such as expensive wines, personalized items such as high quality pens, or any product coming from the company.

Simply put, inviting the right speaker isn’t that hard, as long as you pay attention to the most important things.

Author Bio:
Keynote speaker are those who conduct the most important talk for the event. These keynote speaker give out lectures which particularly emphasize the event’s theme and they usually give inspiration to event-goers.