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Karen Cruz

Uses of Custom Coins

If you ask a random person about what coins are, he would most likely tell you that coins are money. After all, growing up, that’s what everyone has been taught. When you were a kid, your parents probably taught you about coins and about spending by letting you use coins to buy yourself some candy. As you grew older, they gave you more coins, until you finally graduated to paper money. When you eventually reach adulthood, coins became those things that get buried at the bottom of your bag, making it heavier.

These are the things that you want to dispose of, because they’re too heavy, or too much of a hassle to carry in your wallet.

This being said, did you know that there are other kinds of coins out there? In fact, there are kinds of custom coins that have no monetary value, but can have some sort of sentimental value to the owner.

For one, custom coins are most often used in the military as challenge coins. These may either be given as an award to the soldiers, just like how medals are handed out, or these may be given because the recipient is a member of a unit that has one. The history of carrying around military challenge coins started out in World War I, when it helped one soldier escape execution by the French. Since then, it has been a tradition to always have your military challenge coin with you at all times.

Challenge CoinCustom coins may also be used as a marketing ploy by big corporations. Not a lot of people know that there are groups all over the world that have coin collecting as a hobby. These groups immediately know if some entity is going to release limited edition coins, and they are usually the first ones in line for these custom coins. Corporations know this, and they have used coins as a means by which they can draw attention to their products. They release limited customized coins with their design. This eventually allows them to get attention from people all over the world.

Moreover, nowadays, custom coins are also being used as business cards. These people have coins manufactured that have the logo of their company, and their name and contact details engraved. If you think about it, this actually makes sense because it will definitely leave an impact on the recipient, leading them to become more interested. Business cards made out of paper or cardboard can easily be destroyed and torn apart, but these kinds of business cards will survive for a very, very long time.

You’d be surprised that these coins also have a use for weddings. They have various uses during weddings, actually. For one, in case you have a Catholic wedding, customized coins can be used during that part wherein the bride and groom hold the arrhae together to symbolize prosperity. Ordinarily, normal coins would be used for this part, but customized coins may also be used to put in a unique touch to the wedding.

Furthermore, these coins can be a save-the-date marker, or even the souvenir for the wedding celebration itself. If used as a save-the-date marker, a magnet can be glued to the back of the coin, and it can be a magnet that’s ideal to be put on the fridge. That way, it can constantly remind the recipient of the date for your wedding.

Truly, there are numerous uses for these coins. The next time you see a customized coin, take the time to read or actually see what is on it. You’d be surprised at the kind of stories you will discover.

We don’t charge for design, art or revisions, so you can experiment with the design of your custom coins until they’re exactly the way you want them.